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Booking Policies

1. Booking

Client agrees to pay for studio time at the rate in effect at the time of booking.

Payment can be made with cash or paypal. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to confirm all bookings. The remainder of the studio bill should be paid in full on the first day of your session. Rates are subject to change without notice. Minimum session time is four (4) hours.


2. Cancellations

Cancellation of a recording session or other scheduled service by Client with less than 24-hour notice will result in the forfeit of deposit and full payment will be required to book further sessions. If the Studio must cancel a session due to illness or other reasonable cause, the Studio will reschedule the session for the earliest available time consistent with the needs of the Client. In the event neither the Client nor the Studio can agree upon a date and time for a session, the Studio will refund the deposit.


3. Set up, time, and breaks

The Studio will provide studio time and the services of a recording engineer for the duration required by the Client. Any additional services, including, but not be limited to mixing, mastering, creating additional tracks, and adding to or modifying tracks when done outside the studio time agreed to may require additional fees.

The session clock begins at the scheduled time that both parties agree upon. If you arrive early and the studio can accommodate an early start, then the session clock will begin at that time. If you are late for any reason, you will be charged from the scheduled session start time with no exceptions. Please call if you are going to be late!

Studio time includes setup time, break down time, and any breaks taken by the artist(s) or engineer. The engineer will be allowed a break of up to 15 minutes every 2 hours to alleviate ear fatigue. The engineer will be allowed one 30-minute meal break per session and an additional meal break for sessions lasting longer than eight (8) hours. All such time is on the clock.


4. Session musicians

If the Client requires the service of session musicians or backup singers, the client will be responsible for arranging for and paying said musicians or singers. If the Client requests the Studio to arrange for session musicians to be at the recording session, the arrangement will be between the musician and Client. The Studio will not be responsible for the failure of musicians to show up on time nor for the performance of the musicians. In most cases, payment for such musicians will be expected at the time of services. The Studio recommends signing a separate agreement with the session musicians or backup singers.


5. Intellectual property and mechanical licenses

The Studio shall not release recording files or copies thereof to the Client or Client’s representative until all monies due to Studio have been paid. Until full payment has been received the Client’s recording files will be left on premises becoming the property of the Studio. Upon complete payment of all monies due by Client, the Studio will transfer all recordings and ownership of sound recording copyrights to the Client. All songwriting copyrights will remain with the author of the work.

Client shall be responsible for obtaining all mechanical licenses for music for which the Client does not own the rights. All such licenses must be obtained prior to duplication or replication.


6. Stems, files, and backup

The Studio will endeavor to backup Client’s recording files to another hard drive after each recording session. Onsite hard drive storage of recording files will be maintained for at least one month after the last recording session. After that time, files may be permanently deleted unless other arrangements have been made. Files for ongoing projects or regular bookings will not be deleted.

The Studio shall endeavor to secure all recording files made by the Client, and left or stored on the studio premises, but the Studio is not responsible for loss or damage. In the event of loss to or damage of Client’s recording files due to wilful negligence, Studio shall be responsible for replacement of no more than the value of the studio time to date devoted to said recording files.


7. Studio rules, property, and safety

In the event that studio gear or property of any part of its facility becomes damaged due to negligence, accident, or willful act, the client agrees to provide monetary compensation in the amount of full replacement value of the damaged item. Damage to the studio property of any kind that are a result of anyone in the client's party or group will be assessed to the client's account.

The Client releases the Studio from any harm or damage that may occur to any person in the Client’s party or to equipment belonging to the Client.

The Studio shall endeavor to secure all property left on premises by Client, but is not responsible for any damage or theft that may occur.

8. Media

The Client agrees to allow its name, photographic image, and/or musical samples to be used on the Studio’s website and/or for other promotional purposes. The Studio will not sell or allow downloads of the Client’s music without prior agreement.

If the client mass produces an album or EP in the form of a compact disc by means of duplication or replication, the Studio requests two (2) copies to be provided to the Studio at no charge. One copy will be displayed at the Studio’s prerogative and one copy will be added to the Studio’s library.


By booking time at the Studio, the Client agrees that they have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Agreement and do hereby agree to the provisions.

Once your consultation is complete, you may book your appointment with the password provided.

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